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I’m excited to offer several DVD products for you to enjoy. Documentary, educational, fitness, entertainment. Some of the latest include
BODY BALANCING BY TIM MICHAELS, a fresh new six-volume fitness series. THE SCRIPTORIUM is an acclaimed documentary on ancient biblical manuscripts and artifacts. HEROES ADRIFT is a fun little Star Wars fan movie I made with some friends because we were all going nuts with our day jobs. PURSUING THE TRUTH is a fast, fun intro to Bible Interpretation.


I grew up on Esper Drive in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Like many filmmakers, my first movie was a silent short, filmed with my Dad’s Super-8mm camera. It started in 1980 after I saw THE MAKING OF THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK on television. I hadn’t yet seen the movie, but I was fascinated with the process of making the film, the illusions that the ILM team created, and the great fun it all seemed to be. Together with my best friend Tomo, whom I met in third grade and who grew up on Joslyn Drive just a few blocks away, we made THE REBELS ATTACK ON HOTH. It wasn’t until halfway through filming that Tom observed, “You know in the real movie it was the other way around – the Empire attacked the rebels on Hoth.” I stood dumbfounded. All I could say was, “Now ya tell me!”

Well who cares – we made our completely ridiculous little film with models blowing up and stop-action animation. It was lousy. But it was the beginning of my love for storytelling and moviemaking. Tomo continued to be my assistant director for 18 years, with observations that were, from then on, offered ahead of time!

We grew up, and Tomo got a real job. I’m still stuck trying to make a living as a filmmaker. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was born to make films. To do otherwise would be the equivalent of living in The Pit of Darkness – the dreaded term coined by my film-school friends at Columbia College in Chicago for that giant bottomless bin next to the moviola editor, where miles of useless film frames that don’t make the final cut end up, relagated to oblivion forever.

So I hope you’ll enjoy the DVDs offered
here, and What’s New with my current projects. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the films. Enjoy life. Cheers!

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